Deborah Bowmann / Lou-Maria Le Brusq & artistes invitées : Océane Bruel, Olga Bientz & Mona Chancogne, Eva Candelier, Alexia Foubert, Anna Holveck, Marthe Jung, Liz Laplassotte, Juliette Lizotte, Liza Maignan, Roxanne Maillet, Lucie Malbéqui, Lou Masduraud, Anouchka Oler, Lucie Pannetrat, Paola Quilici, Sara De la Villejegu / Matthias Garcia / Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite / Amalia Ulman / Victor Yudaev / Scénographie sonore : Shlagga

What does it* do when you don’t think about it*? Is it* free? Does it* have a social insurance? Is it* alone? Long hair dark eyes? Can it* speak or write? Do you take care of it*? Is it* a humanlike character? Does it* need light? Would you stop it*? Does it* have a price? Is it* washable? Is it* with you on dinner parties? Could it* look like a plant? How does it* taste? Is it* perfection? Does it* fight? Does it* have a room with a bed? Is it* soft? Can it* understand me? Does it* know boredom? Does it* love? Is it* fast? Does it* have a top 5 interests? Is it* yours? Are you listening to it*? Could it* be stolen? Is it* a feeling? What are you sharing with it*? Is it* a story? Does it* play? Are you jealous about it*? Do you always recognize it*? Could I be it*? Does it* have requirements? Does it* show up only after 8pm ? Does it* show up when it’s muddy?